1. What should you do before making a U-turn?

2. What should you do as you approach this bridge?

3. What does the curved arrow on the road mean?

4. Why are these yellow lines painted across the road?

5. What should you do when you're approaching traffic lights that have been on green for some time?

6. What should you do before stopping?

7. You're following a large vehicle. Why should you stay a safe distance behind it?

8. When you see a hazard ahead, you should use the mirrors. Why is this?

9. What may happen if you hang objects from your interior mirror?

10. You're on a long motorway journey. What should you do if you start to feel sleepy?

11. Why should you switch your lights on when it first starts to get dark?

12. When may you use a hand-held mobile phone in your car?

13. What should you do when moving off from behind a parked car?

14. You're travelling along this narrow country road. How should you pass the cyclist?

15. Your vehicle is fitted with a hand-held telephone. What should you do to use the phone?

16. What's likely to happen if you use a hands-free phone while you're driving?

17. How should you use a satellite navigation system so that it doesn't distract you when you're driving?