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Vanessa McIntosh

This is brilliant, passed my theory test on the first go.


Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Ian Alexander

I am so happy that I found Theory Test Pass, I was able to use my iPad to login a few times a week and I'm glad to say I passed first time! The content was easily accessible and the feedback as well as live chat services helped me improve, definitely recommend this to anyone!

Victoria Gallacher

The website is really good, I actually took my theory on Wednesday and passed with 49/50 and 56/75 in the hazard perception all thanks to how much I was revising with the website!

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Mayen Etim

I am very pleased to let you know that I have passed first time using your app! It was extremely useful and user friendly .

The app was great and I was able to practice all the available questions until I was very conversant with the answers. As it was on my phone as well I could use it on the go whenever I had a spare moment. Brilliant!

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Kelly Barnes

Everything on the site was great and a huge help, thank you definitely worth getting!!!

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Katherine Walsh

I think that this is an excellent way to prepare for the theory test. What I especially appreciate is that there are many practice tests. Also, there are various categories for review, in case you need to brush up on one category more than another.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member


I thought the mocks I did on this website were excellent and I passed my theory test first time. I bought a book and a dvd but have to say that your website was by far the best way to learn everything that I was expected to know for the test.

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Matt Clough

I really enjoyed using the website. At first admittedly I thought it would not be as good as those DVD systems or the book but I was pleasantly surprised. I have actually recommended to friends and family now. So to put it simply was I happy with the service, in short yes. In long yessssssssssssssssssssss.

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Lewis Gilbert

I found the website to be very useful for both areas of the test! I thought the user interface was very well composed, I relied solely on this website getting me through my test, over the usual DVSA DVDs and passed!! So thank you THEORY TEST

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Leena Joseph

This was a very good website,covering all aspects of the theory test. My son used this only for his theory test and did extremely well and passed, with a high score.

I would recommend this website to anyone.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Alice Gomez

I am impressed with the website as it is easy to access and browse around. I like the fact that it is interactive and it is simple to find what you need.

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Sam Clark

Learning hazard perception and having the revision questions was really helpful in that I learned a lot. Without it I wouldn't have the knowledge I have now. I would recommend it to others!

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Adam Jakubowski

The site worked really well and I passed my test without issue.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member


I love your website, I am a busy mum and I find this website helps me to study at my on pace. I can login on my phone or tablet. Makes studying easy and fun. Thank you for putting this together.

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Jack Hampsey

I passed my theory test and it was all down to this. Great study guide and it really helps to prepare you.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Rhys Andrews

Very good website, simple layout and easy to use. good mock test formats with chances to revise any wrong answers. overall, very good:-)

Verified Theory Test Pass Member


I am happy with the theory test pass because I can read everything I want to know. All in all, am happy and expect to sit for my exam before new year!

Verified Theory Test Pass Member


Theory Test Pass is an amazing tool which is easy to understand, use and revise from. The way it is designed enables users to successfully pass their theory test because of the practice questions which allows you to check your answers and then correct yourself if you're wrong. I believe this will be a very successful website and many users will benefit from it.

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Adrian Greenwood

I think it's really good. One good thing is that it doesn't necessarily have to be done at home, but can be done on the go via a smartphone or tablet. I love the fact it can give you feedback on your progress. It's very user friendly and I will definitely be recommending this to my friends.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Chris & Nick Spencer

I am enjoying working through the multiple choice questions in preparation for learning to drive a car later this year.

Rachael F

I used theory test pass only a few weeks before my theory test and passed and got a really good score! I had done my theory test before a few years ago twice and I failed once and scraped a pass the second time. It's really refreshing that I got such a high score because of your services. The mock test really set me up for what I was going in for. And all the questions really helped me understand road safety. Thank you very much.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Tayler Jones

I have so far found the website really helpful, in particular the practice questions on particular areas of the theory test!

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Rory Baillie

I found the website very helpful and I liked the variability in the questions.
Overall the site helped me greatly and I passed my theory test two weeks after applying. I have now past my driving test and am freely driving.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Jamila Adwani

I found the website very helpful indeed and am sure it was one of the prime reasons that I passed my test with flying colours!

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Becky Wellens

Great website easy to use, handy because you don't have to carry a book around with you, I find that I revise a lot more now that I have this website 😃

Verified Theory Test Pass member

Adam Oakford

I found Theory Test Pass a very useful tool in my practice for my theory test and I think it was instrumental in my eventual passing of said test

Verified Theory Test Pass Member

Binta leigh

Its great to of been part of this guide.It is easy to use and I can use it on the go ,on my mobile and laptop or iPad. It has all the information you need to pas for your theory exams.

Verified Theory Test Pass Member