Do I really need to read the highway code to pass?

Do I really need to read the highway code to pass?

The high way code: Pro’s and Con’s for passing your theory test

The highway code – it doesn’t exactly sound exciting does it? A list of rules and regulations that UK road users should obey whilst driving on the road. While it certainly isn’t the most thrilling document you’ll ever read it is an essential knowledge guide, giving you a great understanding of the laws of our road.

That being said, is it truly necessary to read all of the highway code in order to pass your theory test, some may say yes – but we beg to differ, find out why below.


What is the highway code?

The highway code provides information which outlines advice, guides and mandatory rules for UK road users. The purpose of the highway code is to increase safety. Apart from the obvious vehicle users, the highway code actually applies to animals, cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and drivers.

The theory test in the UK is based upon the highway code, questions are comprised to test your knowledge of key areas such as road signs, road markings, road safety and so forth. Failing to comply with the rules in the highway code is not an offence in itself, but it certainly can be taken into account by a court – there are however mandatory laws detailed in the highway code which are enforceable and often carry a penalty.


The Pros

If you’re lucky enough to have sufficient time to read the highway code then there really is no drawbacks to gaining knowledge of the road, not only for passing your theory test but for the benefit of your future driving.

The highway code is freely available on the UK Government website at this linkĀĀ 

We believe learning the highway code will have the following benefits for your theory test

  1. Good foundation of knowledge – you’ll gain an overall knowledge of the rules, signs and laws that you must obey on the road – many of which are tested in the theory test.
  2. Help you to understand areas of difficulty – sometimes it’s important to read up on the topics you find difficult. Theory Test Pass provides you with the 14 topics that are in the theory test, but if you’re struggling with particular ones it pays to read over that section to develop a greater understanding of what the questions are asking you.
  3. Increase pass rate – there’s no hiding the fact that those who put the extra effort into their study time before their theory test will have an increased chance in passing.

The Cons

Let’s be honest, most of us do not have time to completely or for some even partially study the highway code. Like we said, it’s not the most exciting thing to do with your free time!

With this in mind, studying the highway code is not always necessary for passing your theory test. Theory Test Pass have put together all the tools you’ll need right in one place on our website. The most useful feature we recommend you utilise is the practice section – we’ve broken down over 950 revision questions into 14 topics which the theory test is made up of. Every single question has detailed feedback and explanation associated with them.

By practicing the 14 topics you are essentially gaining sufficient knowledge evenly across the highway code. Furthermore, making use of the question-by-question explanations allows you to develop that deeper understanding which will help you to not only improve for your test but also give you knowledge for your driving test and beyond. Therefore, we argue that if you’re pressed for time studying the highway code is less likely to be of use in comparison to our tools!



Overall, the highway code is a crucial document to the safety of our road users – it certainly is a benefit if you can spare some time to read over the document, in particular the areas you struggle with most – it will be a great help towards passing your theory test. However, our tools which provide you with detailed revision, scoring, feedback and tracking all allow you to develop the necessary skills to pass your theory test regardless of whether you have time to devote to reading the highway code.


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