Hazard Perception Clips

Specially designed hazard perception training system that uses official DVSA revision footage. Learn when you should be pressing the mouse using our review videos which show you exactly where the hazard was. Our interactive software allows you to imitate the real test, giving you the exact feel and experience of the real test, with instant scoring and expert feedback videos.

Just like the real test

Specifically designed to imitate the real hazard perception test, users are played official VDSA video clips and are required to press the mouse button when they spot a hazard or a clue to a hazard. One of the hazards will develop and cause you, the driver, to change speed or direction as a result. You are scored out of a possible 5 points for each video, the earlier you click to say you’ve seen the hazard, the more points you will be awarded. Find out more about what the hazard perception test is by visiting our blog, click here.


Video Feedback

In practice mode after each video clip you have the option to watch video feedback showing you exactly where the hazard was, this allows you to see when you should have pressed the mouse to achieve maximum points


Unlimited Mock Tests

With unlimited mock tests you can see how well you will do when it comes to the real test. Take unlimited mock tests that displays videos in a random order and scores you at the end of the test.


Latest CGI Clips

Our system uses the latest computer generated imagery (CGI) video clips that are being rolled out into theory tests. This provides the best quality and means you’re learning for the most up to date content!



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