New law allows learner drivers on motorways

New law allows learner drivers on motorways

From Monday 4th June 2018, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have announced that learner drivers will be allowed to practice on UK motorways provided they meet strict new rules.

Mastering the UK motorway system is a scary thought for learner drivers, it currently isn’t part of the UK driving test and therefore learners are left to figure motorways out for themselves after they pass their driving test.

These new changes will mean that learner drivers can now practice on motorways provided they meet the following:

You are with a fully qualified and approved driving instructor
You are driving in a dual control car
L plates are clearly displayed on both the front and rear of the car

Practicing motorway driving ahead of your test is entirely optional, there are currently no planned changes to add motorway driving to the practical exam. You will not drive on motorways during your driving test.

Your driving instructor will help you to understand when and if they feel it’s necessary you practice motorway driving ahead of the test.

Here’s a few things to note about these changes:

Motorway driving isn’t being introduced to the driving test as part of this change.
It’s still illegal for a learner driver to drive on a motorway without a qualified driving instructor in a dual control car. You must not go on the motorway unless you meet these conditions with your driving instructor.


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