Pass Protection Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions that you have already agreed to upon creating a Theory Test Pass account, the below Pass Protect Terms and Conditions are specific to Pass Protect purchases only and do not replace our standard terms and conditions that you can find here

By purchasing Pass Protect with Theory Test Pass you confirm you have read to and agree to these terms and conditions 

We’re confident that completing training thoroughly with the Theory Test Pass app you’ll pass your theory test, however if test day nerves get the better of you and you fail your Official DVSA Car or Motorcycle Driving Theory Test, and you have purchased and met the criteria outlined in these Terms and Conditions for Pass Protect then you will be eligible for up to two DVSA Driving Theory Test Resits, please read these terms and conditions carefully to confirm your eligibility 

To be eligible for Pass Protect you must follow the below

  • Purchase Pass Protect via our app or website for £12 and complete the information form before your DVSA theory test exam date. 
  • Information submitted in the Pass Protect information form to Theory Test Pass must exactly match your driving licence name, driving licence number, theory test booking date etc and details on your theory test fail certificate must correspond to the information you submitted to Theory Test Pass, once submitted this cannot be changed. 
  • Complete all the criteria outlined in the Pass Protect section of the app, see further info below. 
  • Submit a claim after you fail your DVSA theory test to [email protected] within 7 calendar days of failing your exam, submissions after this date are not eligible to claim against. 
  • You must submit your claim in writing to [email protected] and include your full name, driving licence number, a clear photo of both sides of your driving licence, a photo of both sides of your theory test fail certificate, copy of booking confirmation of your theory test exam. If any of these details do not match the information held on your Theory Test Pass account then your claim will be void. 
  • All items must be clearly legible, must not be cropped or altered in anyway or they will be void your claim. Only UK DVSA Car or Motorcycle Theory Test exams are eligible for Pass Protect. 
  • If you meet all the criteria and your claim is accepted by Theory Test Pass then one DVSA Theory Test exam fee of £23 will be refunded to your bank account, should you fail a second time you must re-submit your claim with updated information following the above rules and a further £23 will be refunded to you, after this no further claims are possible. 
  • Claims for any additional expenses are not accepted, only the DVSA Theory Test exam fee of £23 is covered You are responsible for re-booking your theory test, we do not provide Theory Test booking services

Pass Protect is not transferable to anyone else

You must complete all of the criteria outlined in the Pass

  • 20 Mock tests passed – you must pass at least 20 multiple choice full mock tests in the Theory Test Pass app/website
  • 10 Hazard perception mock tests passed – You must pass at least 10 full hazard perception mock tests in the Theory Test Pass app or website
  • Score at least 4 out of 5 on all Hazard Perception practice videos 
  • Green traffic light on all categories in the practice zone and attempt all questions – a score of ‘red’, ‘amber’ or ‘green’ is shown against each category in the ‘Practice Zone’ section of the app and website, you must achieve a ‘green’ ranking against each practice zone category prior to your official exam

Purchasing Pass Protect and not completing the above 4 tasks will void your protection, you must complete all the tasks and purchase Pass Protect to be fully covered prior to your test date

You have 12 months after the purchase of Pass Protection to submit a claim, after this time your Pass Protection is void and no refund is eligible. 

If you have refunded your Theory Test Pass membership and / or your Pass Protect fee your protection is void

Pass Protect cannot be used for commercial purposes or financial gain

Theory Test Pass Reserve the right to withdraw Pass Protect and your cover at any time without notice

The Pass Protection fee of £12 is not eligible for a refund after purchase

If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]